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Want to contact Houselink?

Please contact us at the following offices:

Intake/Rent/Admin /Maintenance/Drop In/Social Rec/General Enquiries :

805 Bloor St West, Toronto, ON, M6G 1L8 (Map)   Phone: 416-539-0690416-539-0690,  Fax: 416-539-0693

Satellite/Staff Office

1678 Bloor St West, Toronto, ON, M5P 1A9 (Map)  Phone: 416-516-1422416-516-1422, Fax: 416-516-1344

Danforth Office

Phone: 416-465-0456416-465-0456, Fax: 416-465-6142

Broadview Office

Phone: 416-469-2473416-469-2473, Fax: 416-465-6142

or contact us by email: