Other Member Supports

Houselink’s 22 houses and buildings, our Social Recreation and Food Programs and the Employment  Program, meet the most fundamental needs of our members: Home. Community. Opportunity.

But what about the needs that don’t quite fit any program? This is where Houselink’s Special Purpose Funds come in.

These funds, all created at the request of our members, can make the difference between just getting by and living with dignity. Each fund is administered by a small volunteer committee. Individual Houselink members apply for small grants from these funds as they need it.

All funds are supported entirely through fundraising efforts, foundations, and other donations.

Families Moving Forward enables our members’ children to live normal lives. We provide funds so that Houselink children can play sports, participate in extra-curricular activities and go to summer camps. Each child can also receive tutoring to help them succeed at school.

The Member Education Fund grants up to $300 towards fees and expenses for a broad array of training at universities and community colleges.


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