Community Development and Advocacy

Houselink  provides members with opportunities to get involved in the greater Toronto community, through politics, education and other activities.

Some of these activities include:

Social Issues Committee:

Open meetings for members on the topic of social issues.  These meetings involved information sessions on a variety of social issues topics, and all topics were identified and chosen by members.   Some activities include; discussion on issues important to members such as: the environment, ODSP special benefits, and the mental health act. Field trips to; City Hall to watch city council meetings, to Queen’s Park to watch the Legislative Assembly in action. Discussions and involvement in upcoming government elections.

Art Exhibits:

Art exhibits of members’ art are sometimes organized in restaurants or galleries. Please visit  our: what’s happening in the community section for upcoming dates. Also check out our new member art  section on our website.

Mad Pride:

Each year Houselink members and staff play a large role in helping create and execute Mad Pride. Mad Pride is an arts, culture and heritage festival created by psychiatric survivors, consumers, mad people, folks the world has labeled “mentally ill”, and those in solidarity with us. For more information visit

The “Link” Committee:

This committee plans and puts out the Link newsletter three to four times a year which goes to all Houselink members.  The committee is made up of six members (though other members often contribute articles).  The members completely produce this newsletter, up to and including doing all the editing, layout and design. Topics of articles written have included:  the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, New Years’ resolutions, Jack Layton, memories of childhood and The Dream Team.

Stitchin our Own Social Safety Net

a new advocacy campaign called Stitching our own Social Safety Net is being
Organized by Houselink, The Dream Team, Christian Resource Centre and the Health & Strength Action GroupPeople who live in poverty, including psychiatric consumer / survivors, along with our allies are taking action. Given the fact that there will be a new Premier, and the very strong possibility of a Provincial election very soon, we need to ensure that our voices are heard. From health care to… housing to education, every part of the social safety net is being unravelled in front of us in Ontario. It has gotten to the point that we will need to stitch it together ourselves, and we intend to do so.Objectives• To mobilize people around the province who rely on the social safety net, as well as those who stand in solidarity with us to ensure our voices are heard.

• To inspire the new Premier and/or candidates, if an election is called, to make an improved social safety net part of their platform.

Come help us stitch together our own social safety net. For more info contact:

Call Naomi at: 416.516.1422 ext 250