Housing & Support

Houselink offers shared, self-contained and family units to individuals with histories of mental illness. Our housing includes apartment buildings and houses. Most vacancies occur in our shared units. All housing is in Toronto. Applicants are able to live independently with support. Staff support is available on a mutually agreed upon basis. Rent is geared to income. Members have  full rights and responsibilities under the Residential Tenancies Act.

How to Apply

Houselink uses  an application form in participation with The Access Point (Formerly Coordinated Access to Supportive Housing (CASH)) application procedure. All persons applying for supportive housing in Toronto must complete the  Mental Health & Addictions Supportive Housing application, and apply initially to the new Access Point central waiting list. Once on the central list, an applicant will have access to up to 29 participating housing agencies, including Houselink. Completed applications should be initially directed to the Access Point office. The Access Point office will then forward applications to housing agencies as needed in order for them to assess eligibility and fill vacancies. If a person wishes to apply for only certain agencies, such as Houselink, this can be specified on the application. More information on Access Point, including participating agencies, and the latest application version can be found at  www.theaccesspoint.ca.

While a professional referral is not mandatory for application to Access Point, it is highly recommended that a mental health or social service worker assist in filling out and submitting the application. Some participating agencies do not accept applications that are not professionally referred. Others may require additional  information from 3rd parties after the application is reviewed.  An applicant may significantly limit their housing options by applying without a referral. Please call 416 539-0690 ext 254 for more information.

Once we have received the completed application from Access Point, our Intake and Referral Coordinator can arrange an interview to further determine eligibility.  In shared housing, there is another interview to establish compatibility with members already living in the home.

Please note: Applicants to the Mental Health and Justice Initiative will also be using The Access Point, and their application, to access Mental Health and Justice Housing. Thanks!