Services and Programs

Core operating funding from the Toronto Central LHIN and the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care allows us to provide homes and the individualized supports necessary for people to live healthy, active lives within the community – in the face of barriers like extreme poverty, mental health and addiction issues.

What is the impact on Toronto?

Members report that since they moved into Houselink, hospitalizations are fewer, and shorter. Many members have re-united with their children, returned to school, and obtained jobs. Houselink also receives some funding from the City of Toronto Homelessness Initiative Fund for its social recreation and food programs.  For several years Houselink has benefited from a grant from Services Canada to support an Employment Support co-ordinator.

Did you know?… Privately raised charitable donations supplement or in some cases fully fund many of the community-based programs Houselink offers. Members consistently report that these programs have enormous impact on their quality of life. Make a donation today!