Annual Reports

Our archive of annual reports highlights our successes and challenges year-to-year.  The report is distributed to members at our AGM in June and made available online.

Houselink’s Annual Report 2013-2014: Commitment

2013-2014 we embarked in setting our 2014-2017 strategic priorities which highlights our renewed commitment, to our membership, staff and donors. Through this annual report we also share some highlights of our commitment to our last strategic plan.

Houselink’s Annual Report 2012-13: Raising the Bar

See how Houselink raised the bar  2012-2013 in employment, support, housing and health. But we would also like you to know about changes that don’t make headlines, but will give Houselink and our funders new ways to learn from our members and front-line staff.

Houselink’s Annual Report 2011-12: Pride

In 2011-2012 we  celebrated 35 Years of pride for our accomplishments; in our services and support and most importantly in our members recovery.

Houselink’s Annual Report 2010-11: Reflection, Growth, Inspiration 

2010- 2011 was the first full year with our new Executive Director, Brian Davis and President, Frank White. Highlights include the addition of one of our largest buildings in east Toronto! 29 more individuals can now call Houselink home.

Houselink’s Annual Report 2009-10: Renewing Our Vision

In many ways, this year marks a significant transition in leadership and a renewal of our commitment to the basic mission of Houselink. In no way is that more true than the selection of our new Executive Director.

Houselink’s Annual Report 2008-09: Recovery Is…

Recovery is about stepping out of the shadows, making a new friend, sharing a meal with a neighbour, and getting back to work. It is about something as simple yet profound as waking up in a safe, affordable place for the first time and then calling that place home indefinitely. Most importantly, no matter how Recovery is defined, for each person, Recovery is a personal journey.

Houselink’s Annual Report 2007-08: Meet the People Next Door

When you meet the people next door for the first time it’s almost never what you expect. That has certainly been the experience of Houselink and its members for over 30 years.

Houselinks Annual Report 2006-7: 30th Anniversary

This year we celebrate Houselink’s 30th anniversary. As with most anniversaries, it is a time to reflect on all that has come before and contemplate all that we aspire to do in the years ahead. It is a time to remember, celebrate and look towards our future.
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