In 2018

Our property management portfolio now provides permanent, affordable housing to 500 residents including, single men and women, youth, seniors and families with children alike.  We stepped up to transition chronically homeless men and women into their own homes, thanks to new funding from from the City of Toronto.

This past year we saw more participants engaged in our core programs, resulting in more jobs, more healthy meals, more employment supports and more social recreation activities.  To expand on the transformative power of peer support, we have introduced Wellness Recovery Workers to our support offerings.

Our goal is very simple – let us  help people get and keep their housing.  We are at the table, helping to advance our collective – and achievable objective – to end chronic homelessness in Toronto

So here a some highlights and milestones over this past year:

  • Reached 1,200 participants through our social programs (twice as many as 5 yrs ago)
  • Employed 130 participants in casual placements (23% of our participants)
  • Helped 30 participants find full- or part-time work outside Houselink
  • Served over 8,500 healthy meals (up 20% from the previous year)

Since 1997

Houselink helped to pioneer supportive housing in Canada, creating a new option for people leaving psychiatric institutions with a home that is permanent, affordable and supportive. For over forty years now we have helped to house over 2,500 people, served more than 80,000 meals and helped hundreds learn the skills necessary to find meaningful work.

Core funding from the Toronto Central LHIN and the Ontario Ministry of Health allows us to provide quality homes, supports and programs necessary for people to live healthy, active lives within the community – and helping participants to overcome many barriers such as extreme poverty, food security, mental health and addiction issues.

“I was a full-blown alcoholic and drug addict. I began to have difficulty paying my rent. My worker and his supervisor helped me to get my rent in order and guided me to AA meetings in my area.  I am now three years and eight months clean and sober, and my life has turned around 180 degrees”.
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