Can you feed 25 people a healthy meal for only $80?

Houselink does, every single day.

But it’s getting harder. In the face of rising food costs, Houselink faces an uphill battle to continue feeding its 500 members a nutritious meal each day.

Houselink operates five Community Kitchens across the city that offers its member 8 meals a week. Through these Community Kitchens, Houselink makes it possible for people struggling with extreme poverty, mental health and addiction issues to pursue recovery and build meaningful lives on their own terms. Quality of life is at the heart of our mission. All residents are members of Houselink, and participate in the life and the decisions of the organization.

Houselink’s Community Kitchen program is the heart of the organization. Not only does it provide members a healthy meal, it acts as a daily gathering place fostering a sense of community and support among members. Further, Houselink empowers its members with the skills  to run every aspect of the kitchen, providing them with formal training and daily hands-on experience. Skills they can use in the real world.


We’re are asking you to help Houselink continue its critical Community Kitchen program. Through an ongoing or one-time donation, you can make an incredible difference in the lives of people in your community.  Just $80 can feed 25 people. In return you will receive a Adopt a kitchen sticker  you can display.

Make a difference today, by making a secure online donation today or by filling out your Pledge form

If you’d like to adopt a community kitchen in your area, please contact  Lindsay Sweeney Fund Development Manager at 416-539-0690416-539-0690 ext 247 or

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